Hello Fellow Cowboys and Cowgirls! Welcome to our little corner of cyberspace.

Wild West Products makes some of the greatest tastes in the West (and east). Delicious treats and distinctive packaging have made Wild West Products popular with people of all ages. We represent the best of the American spirit - the spirit of the Old West - a spirit of fun and adventure in the pursuit of fresh ideas and fresh products with great taste at a great price.

Our History

We know this is a fur-piece for you, but you’ll be glad you came. Let me tell you our story…

It began with Tina. You see, Tina was a big City Slicker living in New York City. She was a graphic designer and did great work, but she was destined to move to the quiet life of San Antonio. Looking for something to do, she baked up a batch of cow-shaped cookies and sold them at the San Antonio rodeo. They were a huge hit and before you know it, she was busier than a one-armed paper hanger trying to keep up with all the folks shouting for more. She decided to get the right equipment and put her design skills to work designing the cutest cow print box you’ve ever seen. Then she created the rest of our cookie line. From there we expanded to trail mixes, peanut brittle, taffy, mints, and lollipops. All are cute and taste better than anything Momma used to make. We also supply Redstone Novelties and Chocolate Bars, they are truly unique and made by our sister company, Redstone Foods.

Our products are sold by gift stores, basket companies, tourist stores, grocery stores, florists and candy stores. With such fun and tasty items, sell-through is very strong.

We sell to the public, but mainly focus on our wholesale customers. We are always looking for new customers, sales reps, and distributors. Contact us if you would like more information.